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Bringing Hi-Tech to the High Plains



Located on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, Agate Networks offers Local and Long Distance Telephone Service and DSL Internet Service to the residents of Agate, Colorado, as well as the homes and businesses located within our 243 square mile territory.


We also offer High-Speed Satellite Internet to the Eastern Plains of Colorado, and parts of Kansas, as well as Internet Security, Identity Protection, and Web and Email hosting services.

We are 100% member-owned and operate under the umbrella of Agate Networks with subsidiary companies of Agate Mutual Telephone Cooperative, Prairie Networks, LLC and Prairie Realty, LLC, a real estate company. Our staff is ready to assist you so if you have any questions, or need more information, please contact us.


In 1921, a group of farmers and Agate town people got together and formed The Agate Mutual Farmers Telephone Company. Service began with only four lines in four different directions, with a switchboard the size of a small desk that could be transported easily.

As the years progressed, the switchboard was replaced with a Stromberg-Carlson XY Switch as well as the outside infrastructure to the customers. All customers were on party lines with different rings for each person’s telephone.

In 1953, the name of the company was changed to Agate Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association. Members were then allowed to purchase a membership to the company and the company became member-owned, as it still is today. Later in 1983, the XY Switch was replaced with Redcom Laboratories Digital Switch as well as party-to-private lines. In 2000, our company created its first subsidiary, Prairie Networks, LLC, to provide Long-Distance service and High-Speed Satellite Internet. Today we still provide Long Distance, and High-Speed Satellite Internet, but we have gained services, such as DSL Internet, Computer/Internet Security, Identity Protection Services, and Email and Web hosting services.

In 2014, Agate Mutual Telephone opened a second subsidiary, Prairie Realty, LLC. Partnering with a local broker, and a local agent, we hit the ground running and started selling properties immediately. It also gave our little town a new business to add to our community.


In 2018, the two different companies of Agate Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association and Prairie Networks LLC began doing business, under one umbrella, as Agate Networks. With this change in business name also came a change of identity with a new company logo. Part of the Agate Networks family is Prairie Realty LLC, which remains as a subsidiary of Agate Networks.

Agate Networks is also a partner with Colorado Communications Transport (CCT), with nine other independent telephone companies and Zayo Bandwidth to create a 746-mile fiber optics ring which will cover Northeastern Colorado and provide connectivity to major communication hubs in Denver. The network provides high-speed capacity and access to major traffic aggregation points at affordable prices and will enable high-quality services to rural Northeastern Colorado communities.



Agate Networks is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider.

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