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Bringing Hi-Tech to the High Plains


One-Time Online Payment

We offer our customers the option for a one-time online payment with a credit/debit card.

Telephone & DSL Internet customers​

(Agate Mutual Telephone Cooperative customers)

Satellite Internet customers

(Prairie Networks customers)

What Are Your Other Payment Options?


Recurring ACH Direct Payment plan

Authorize your bill payment to be automatically deducted from your bank account or to your credit/debit card each month on the bill due date. Contact Agate Networks by phone or in person for a direct payment plan application.


Mail Payment

Mail your payment to Agate Networks, PO Box 38, Agate, CO 80101


In-Person Payment

You can pay your bill in person in our offices at 38618 Monroe St, Agate CO 80101, between Monday-Thursday 7am-5pm. We are closed on Friday's.


Drop Box Payment

You can place your payment in our drop box at any day or time. The drop box is located at our offices at 38618 Monroe St, Agate CO 80101.

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