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Bringing Hi-Tech to the High Plains


Agate Networks, a member-owned business, provides local telephone service in Agate, Colorado. New Service Fees include an Initial Service Fee of $20 and a Line Connection Fee of $20. In addition to these fees, you can become a member of the cooperative when signing up for new services. Each member of the co-op pays a $35.00 membership fee to join. Memberships are not required to have local telephone service from Agate Networks.


As the company creates revenue and profit, capital credits are then paid out to each member based on the profit made for the year. A significant benefit of being a member of Agate Networks is that, as a member, you have a voice. You are represented by the Board Members, who are elected by the members. Another advantage is that you earn capital credits for the services you subscribe to. The Board of Directors, Management, and Employees work daily to bring you the most reliable and up-to-date services. As a member, your investment makes all of that possible.

Calling Features (a la carte)

Call Package (Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3-Way Calling)


Call Forwarding


3-Way Calling


Call Waiting


Caller ID Name & Number


Last Number Redial


Wake-Up Services


Warm Line


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Directory Information


Listed in telephone directories and directory assistance

No Charge


Listed in directory assistance only



Not listed anywhere


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Monthly Telephone Service Charges

Below is a sample of monthly charges you would be responsible for:

* Does not include federal, state, or local taxes.

Single Line Local Service


FCC Access Charge


FCC Access Recovery Charge


E-911 Surcharge


CO Telecom Relay Service


Total Charges *


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Telephone Service Application

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